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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Below are the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for the

2022-2023 School Year. 

Arrival will be as followed:

School starts promptly at 8:15 AM

Students arriving after 8:25 AM are considered late and must be escorted into the building through the main entrance to be signed in by their parent/guardian.  

Late students should not enter the building without their parent/guardian. 


Kindergarten & First Grade – Main Entrance

Second and Third Grade – 86th Street Small School Yard

Fourth and Fifth Grade - 87th Street Small School Yard

Dismissals will be as followed:

All classes will be dismissed at 2:25 PM

Gates will be closed prior to the students exiting the building.  Once all students are lined up in the school yard, the gates will be opened and you can retrieve your child from their classroom teacher.  After dismissal is complete, all students and parents must exit the school yard and the gates will be closed for after school activities.  The school yard will reopen as a community play space after 5PM on school days.  If there is no after school scheduled, the school yard will reopen at 2:45 PM.

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