Remote Learning

As we continue to engage in our second week of remote learning, we want to thank you all for your patience and support as we navigate and create some best practices. Hopefully by now, you have settled into a routine with your child. Please make sure to mark the daily attendance question each day in the google classroom. We are required to report any student absences to the DOE on a daily basis. If you are unable to attend the morning Zoom sessions, any work submitted for the day by 11:59pm will count as attendance.

As part of our remote learning plan, some teachers have been participating in live Zoom video sessions. These sessions are not mandatory for the teachers to host, however, many feel that it is the best way for them to deliver lessons. We would like to remind you of some guidelines for your virtual learning platforms and about being a good digital citizen:

· Please sit in an appropriate, well lit and quiet room in your home (ex. Living room, kitchen, playroom).

· Please be dressed appropriately (as you would be for school).

· Always use appropriate language while speaking, writing and responding to teachers and classmates. Online behavior should follow what is expected in your real classroom.

· Please do not use the private chat function for emoji’s and non-school related questions. Students should only be meeting in Zoom with the teacher present. Please monitor your child’s online activity.

· During live zoom sessions, please do not draw on the screen when the teacher is sharing the screen. This is a distraction for others and disrespectful to your teacher.

· Understand that the use of any recording device for video or picture is prohibited to protect the privacy or yourself and others.

Additionally, we want to stress the importance of completing the cluster assignments. Each cluster teacher compiled their expectations outlined below with due dates. Please have your child work on 1 cluster a day. All clusters are available by email for any questions.

Cluster Expectations

Art - Will post assignments on Monday, and they will be due Sunday. Students need to submit a photo of their completed work.

Science (This is a core subject and must be submitted weekly)

3-5- Will post 2 assignments. First is a reading posted Monday, the second is an assignment posted on Wednesday which requires a response. The writing response will be due the following Wednesday, which should be submitted through the "turn in" function.

K-2- Will post assignments Monday and Wednesday, and they will be due Sunday. Three options for submission... Submit a photo, send a video, or comment in the "turn in.”

Music- Will post an assignment Monday, which will be due Friday. Students should leave thoughtful comments in the "turn in" function.

Phys Ed- Will be posting assignments Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and they are due Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students should click "turn in" and post a comment.

The PTA generously purchased the Remind App for the entire school. This should be your primary means of communication with your child’s teachers. While many of you are emailing, please be aware that the teacher receives notification in their emails of every assignment turned in, so your emails may be overlooked among the hundreds of messages each day. Please also be patient with the teachers, allowing them time to respond.

Please continue to check our website for the most up-to-date information. If you need tech support, please email and the tech support team will respond. You can also fill out the tech support form at

Again, we want to thank you for your continued support and patience as we have all had to learn many new things with very little time for perfection. Each day will get better and we will continue to be there to support you.

Stay Safe!

The PS 185 Staff

Envision Math Support

A way to access the new Envision 2.0 Mathematics program, Pearson Publishing has put on an app to help with homework

The purpose of the app is to watch a quick video about the day's math lesson before you begin the homework pages. 

Please visit the App store on your Apple Device, or Google Play Store for an android device and download 

Pearson Bounce Pages

Amplify Science

Here are the instructions for logging into Amplify:



click Log in with Amplify


Password: COVID2019


Grade K- Sunlight and Weather 

            1 - Light and Sound

            2- Properties of Matter

            3- Inheritance and Traits

            4-Vision and Light

            5- Modeling Matter


PS 185 has invested in IXL, an online program, to reinforce the ELA and Math curriculum in school. This program will track student progress and tailor activities to their individual needs. As  your child practices a Math or ELA concept, the program will track the skills that need to be retaught and practiced. Skills that have been mastered can be taken to next level.

IXL is accessible through the website,, or the app "IXL" 


Your child can log in using the username and password provided to them this year on any device capable of accessing the internet. (i.e smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, kindles, ipads, etc.) 

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