Remote Learning

We are proud to announce that PS 185 has been honored as a Recognition School for our academic performance during the 2018-2019 school year. We could not have done this without the support of the staff and parents. Now more than ever, we are committed to continuing to hold our children to the same high expectations through remote learning.

As noted in our previous email, the Chancellor has published the grading policy for the remainder of the school year. We will continue to support the students to meet grade level expectations of state standards.


We are asking for your support to continue to make school a priority as remote learning continues for the remainder of this school year. We all understand the many challenges you are facing at home in supporting your child’s academic success. While all assignments will be accepted late, without penalty, please have your child submit assignments on time to the best of their ability. If you are having difficulty with the due dates, please communicate with the teacher.

The May newsletter will be sent out by Monday, outlining the overview of the units in the core curriculum areas. We hope that you find this helpful and it gives you some insight into the content that will be covered.


Additionally, we are re-sending the cluster expectations to you. Please check the google classroom for the weekly assignments and ensure that your child is following the directions in the assignment. All assignments should be submitted through google classroom. The cluster teachers have outlined their requests below:


ART: Will post assignments on Monday, and they will be due Sunday. Students need to upload a photo of their completed work through the google classroom assignment and then click "Turn In.” (Note: You can follow the video instructions of how to properly upload photos of your work which was posted on the 4/27 assignment. Both class comments on the posted assignment or private comments are welcome.)


3-5 SCIENCE: TWO assignments will be posted weekly. The first is a reading assignment posted on Monday and the second is a written assignment posted on Wednesday. The writing response will be due the following Wednesday. You may submit a photo of you handwritten response or a typed response in google docs and then click "Turn In.”


K-2 SCIENCE: Assignments will be posted on Monday and Wednesday, and they will be due Sunday. You may submit a photo, send a video, or write a Private Comment and then click "Turn In.”


MUSIC: An assignment will be posted on Monday, which will be due Friday. Please learn and sing the song. Students should write a thoughtful comment as a Private Comment and then click "Mark as Done.”


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Workouts will be posted on Monday and Wednesday. Watch the videos and carefully read and follow instructions. Answer the stated question in a thoughtful manner, as a Private Comment, and then click "Mark as Done.”


Our Tech team is still available to support you by email at or fill out the tech support form at  Be Safe! 

Envision Math Support

A way to access the new Envision 2.0 Mathematics program, Pearson Publishing has put on an app to help with homework

The purpose of the app is to watch a quick video about the day's math lesson before you begin the homework pages. 

Please visit the App store on your Apple Device, or Google Play Store for an android device and download 

Pearson Bounce Pages

Amplify Science

Here are the instructions for logging into Amplify:



click Log in with Amplify


Password: COVID2019


Grade K- Sunlight and Weather 

            1 - Light and Sound

            2- Properties of Matter

            3- Inheritance and Traits

            4-Vision and Light

            5- Modeling Matter


PS 185 has invested in IXL, an online program, to reinforce the ELA and Math curriculum in school. This program will track student progress and tailor activities to their individual needs. As  your child practices a Math or ELA concept, the program will track the skills that need to be retaught and practiced. Skills that have been mastered can be taken to next level.

IXL is accessible through the website,, or the app "IXL" 


Your child can log in using the username and password provided to them this year on any device capable of accessing the internet. (i.e smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, kindles, ipads, etc.) 

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