June's Rising Stars


K-201: Audrey LoPorto and Logan Hard

K-202: Vassilios Scopelitis and Patricia Aziz

K-207:Demetri Pristouris and Gianna Affi

K-209: Matteo Ballabani and Giselle Morocho

K-210: Ashley Hu and Charlotte Pego

211: Dylan Coro Chacha

First Grade:

1-208: Danielle Grado and Everitt Cummings

1-302: Chloe Cantelmi and Louie Giannopoulos

1-303: Eirene Fytras and Demetre Kveladze

1-308: Eleanor Wong and Juliette Linkh

Second Grade:

2-301: Celia Hard and Aya Abdullah

2-305: Christian Matias and Reese Pearlman

2-307:Sofia Youssef and Roman McCaghren

2-309: Jason Ortega, Shlome Morocho and Adrian Martinez

Third Grade:

3-401:  Tabarek Hady and Eva Narimani

3-403:  Maks Korets and Aleksandra Ptzezdziecki

404:     Rafsan Khan

3-405: Caden King and Charlotte Sibley

Fourth Grade:

4-503: Mariella Galan Nelson and Joseph Hechme

4-508: Jayden Cai and Boris Vexler

4-509: Darren Hom and Amira Bohbot

506:    Matthew Oriol

Fifth Grade:

5-501: Amra Radoncic and Safeya Djillali-Benekronf

5-505: Giacomo Tarasco and Charlotte Shannon

5-507: Keira Grant and Savannah Fagbemi

PS 185 Rising Stars

School Wide Criteria

Grades K-5

* Student must complete homework every night in all subject areas

* student must have good attendance and be on time every day

* Student must pay attention

* student must behave appropriately at all times, taking responsibility for his/her behavior

* Student must participate in class discussions

* student must always be respectful

* Student must show acts of kindness

* student must show a willingness to help other students and work cooperatively

* student must show progress and improvement in subject areas

student must do his/her best work at all times!

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