School Mission Statement

We will be good students, good friends and good people.

Chancellor Updates

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Report Cards

The DOE is asking schools to use a digital method of distributing report cards. The DOE uses a system called NYCSA (New York City Student Account) to share information with parents. NYCSA is a web-based application that lets you see your child's academic and biographic information on any computer, phone or tablet. The application is translated into nine languages for your easy access.You will need to have an active account in order to view your child's report card.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading is important to keep learning going and to let imaginations run free! The DOE is thrilled to make more e-books and audiobooks for all ages available for free this summer to all DOE families, and it's easier than ever to access them. Please follow the link for more information, and visit for additional details.

School Leadership


The School Leadership Team meets once a month. Below are the links to the minutes.

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